Touching & Transforming the Life of a Needy Child

Proverb 22:6 Train a child in the way to go, and when he is old he will not turn.from it.
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Touching Life in Totality

Touch and Transform life Foundation is a charitable organization which was born from Hope Team (HET) whose mission was to evangelize to students in high schools. In 2009, the burden to reach out to children increased. We started visiting children homes, needy children and orphans who are left under the care of the extended family or well wishers.

Our Story

Touch and Transform Life Foundation aspires to see orphans and the needy children living a fully fulfilled life. It is a charitable organization which is registered in the republic of Kenya under the NGO Coordination Act of 1990. TATLF was born from Hope Evangelistic Team (HET) which started in 1998. It was a team of 8 ladies after finishing their high school education.

The mission was going back to high schools and reach out to students through mentorship and evangelism. Later, the call to reach out to the needy children was born, after they witnessed the great transformation and the impact of their mission.
HET birthed TATLF in the year 2008.

They started visiting sick children in hospitals, children homes, & primary schools through weekly pastoral programs. They would contribute some money & buy toys for children , buy and collect clothes from well wishers and take to hospitals and children homes. They would show love to the sick, play, tell bible stories, and in children homes help in cleaning or any other work assigned.

The team was pioneered by Leah Kariuki, now the Founder of Touch and Transform Life Foundation (TATLF). The great urge to touch the life of needy children and mentoring young people was as a result of her childhood experience. The many challenges she faced as a teenager .

Her late father who was a mason and Pastor in their Local Church fell ill for almost an year. He was diagnosed with Pneumonia and Malaria, the sickness worsened his condition until was given early retirement from work. Later her teenage brother who by then was in high school and very bright, was diagnosed with meningitis and within a short period of time passed on.

The family was left devastated, mourning, drained from resources and chocking in debts and in poverty. Being the last born in a family of seven children, her father struggled to pay her school fees in high school. She was on and off school but was able to accomplish despite the struggle and got a good grade. Her father could not afford to take her further in education and by God’s grace, a couple from Germany stepped in, paid her higher education fee, and meet all her upkeep in college.

The loss and grief she went through as a child was too much to bare and with no one to address. That is what motivated her to train as a counselor. Giving the profession the first priority in order to address the emotional needs of a child and others. The Christian faith she was brought up in as a child, of putting her faith in God despite the situation, motivated her more in evangelism, reaching out to children and youths with the true word of God. To share God’s love, through giving, and sharing life experience, in order to motivate anyone who might be going through the same.

How We Do It

Psychological Counseling

This we do by offering free psychological counseling for some who are traumatized by the death of their parents and to those who are still grieving the loss of a loved one.


We talk to them about Christ, by helping them rebuild their faith in God. We introduce them to Jesus in their tender age, and explain to them that our lives belongs to God.

Financial Support

By meeting their basic needs for them to live a fulfilled life’s like other children.
Proverbs 11:24 “One man gives freely, yet grow all the riches, another withhold unduly, but comes to poverty.”

Join Us

By Donating your time, food, clothes, books or any other expertise, you can help us bring a child closer to their dreams. Click on the link below to see how.
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