What We Do

TATLF vision is to bring lasting solutions that cares for children’s physical, emotional, education and spiritual needs. Vision being to offer mentorship to them until they become responsible people to the society. We empower them with knowledge and skills for self-reliance and assist their personal development through moral, spiritual and social support.

Our Driving Force

Our Driving Force

Poverty and it Effects:

Poverty remains major impediment to fulfillment of basic needs of Kenyans. This has much effect on Single parent, widows/widowers and aged parent who take care of their grand children’s.

HIV and Aids:

A research done shows an esti­mate 700 Kenyans die daily of HIV & aids related causes. This leaves orphans vulnerable to poverty.

Terminal Illness:

Has also left many orphans for some parent had prolonged illness, which con­sumes all the resources the family had. Illness such as cancer, where operation is done, chemotherapy and radiotherapy process which drains all the money. Kidney problems where dialysis is done often to mention just a few. By the end of all this, the parent dies and no money is left to take care of the left child or children.

Accident :

This has become a monster and a national disaster which has robbed many children their loving parent. We have witness accidents taking away both parents arid children left total orphans with no one to take care of them.

Climate Change:

Climate has drastically changed with no reliable rainfall, and this has affected especially those families who depend on farming and pasture. Their crops dries up before they are ready, and their cattle dies due to the prolonged drought . These has made it difficult for them to raise up their children.

High Rate of Crime & Tribal Clashes:

Crime has gone up in our nation where we have witnessed both parent being attacked and killed in their houses, and in the presence of their children . Such crime can be as a result of revenge, tribal differences or just to steal from these families.

Our Strategy


These needy children need to be told about the love of God. (Evangelism). This is the fulfillment part of these cause for them to first rebuild their confidence in God. Some thinks God does not love or care for them for taking away their loving parent, and therefore can turn their bitterness to immoral behaviors which can be very harmful to them and the society at large.

Free Counseling Programs:

Children grieving for dying parents are often stigmatized by the society. The distress and social isolation need to be addressed by professional counselor. We meet the emotional needs of this child because having a parent become sick and die is clearly a major trauma for any child and may affect them for the rest of their lives. We also counsel the family who take care of this child for some are very old and are past the age of parenting, and raising other children to them is enough stress.

Economic Programs:

Those affected families who need education on how to run small businesses we help by holding some discussion forums to mentor them and help succeed in running such business. We advice them to form groups where they can save and start something in common which might empower them financially for two are better than one.

Financial Programs:

We hold fund rising programs where we invite other organizations, business peoples, and other well wishes, who might be touched and willing to respond to our desperate call of the pressing need of a child that may arise and is beyond our help.

Proverbs 22:9 A generous man will himself be blessed,for he shares his food with the poor.